#SOULIDARITY – A fundraising campaign for African musicians during the COVID-19 pandemic

From March 2020, thousands of live events, concerts, and festivals have been canceled worldwide due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. “SOULIDARITY” is a campaign specially designed for musicians from the African continent who had to put their careers on hold. It is uncertain by when African musicians will be able to tour again to make a living. Without any financial help, a heart-breaking number of mind-blowing talents will struggle to continue their craft. While artists are always the ambassadors for spreading messages in every crisis, it is now the time to spread the message together for the artists.

SOULIDARITY is an initiative by START WITH CULTURE, a non-profit organization based in Germany. The goal is to raise a minimum of 2.4 Million Euros together and to create a relief income to sustain the affected African musicians for the upcoming months.

The “SOULIDARITY” relief fund gives all eligible applicants between 1800 Euro to 4500 Euro as a one-time relief payment. The artists who will be selected for the fund will actively create content for the campaign and tell us their personal stories throughout the crisis and how it affects them and their countries.

Please, join #SOULIDARITY and donate. With your contribution you directly support musicians from the African continent.

Participating musicians:
– Applications must be made through their official manager or agency at SOULIDARITY Website
– Applications must include proof of lost shows worldwide and the requested documents.
Follow on our social media and get known to the musicians you are supporting with your donation:

– The collect funds will be distributed to the musicians through their managers or agencies.
– First payment will be made once 50% of the goal amount is reached.

START WITH CULTURE gUG is a non-profit organization based in Munich Germany, aiming to create positive change within the African music sector. START WITH CULTURE arises from the common belief that music and culture have the power to connect people regardless of their differences. At the START WITH CULTURE organization, we live our lives by this principle of diversity, respect for other cultures, and the empowerment for artists to be able to create sustainable income and to improve their living standards. Go to START WITH CULTURE and read more about us.


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