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podcast National Public Radio US

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Salif Keita Gives His Blessing And Takes A Final Bow With ‘Un Autre Blanc’

Salif Keita, one of the best African singers of the past century, had a 40-plus-year career that took him around the world and produced some 25 albums. Now, Keita is retiring from recording and in October 2018, he released his final album is Un Autre Blanc, or Another White. In 1987, Keita introduced an iconic voice to the world with his album Soro. Keita sang to his father, a master hunter in his native village in Mali, "O, Sina, your son is lost far away from home." Living then in Paris, Keita may have felt lost, but he was also finding himself. As......

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Photography Un Autre Blanc: Thomas Dorn Un Autre Blanc sleeve design - Salif Keita logos: Kris Cheung - Website design: Mohamed Sam Coulibaly / Dija consulting